The Renegade Playground Challenge

The Renegade Playground Challenge is a 5k run that takes place at and is actually fun, and involves things like mud holes, water, trails, walls to climb, beer, and live music. Click to read


Did I mention mud?

Click on the map to get a more detailed view of the course.

What’s a playground without fun stuff to climb? Don’t let that kid with the big mouth taunt you into submission.  Push him in the mud and run – you can do it!

Challenge #1 – “The Sandbox”
Leave your plastic shovels at home. Your goal is to simply run through the sandbox (hint: we’ve added some water).

Challenge #2 – “Big Wheels”
If you’ve seen “Private Benjamin” or pretty much any crappy military movie, then you know the drill. Run through the tire course. Try not to trip.

Challenge #3 – “Spider Man”
Climb up and over the cargo net wall. Yup, it sounds easy.  Wearing a Spiderman costume has been proven to help with this one.

Challenge #4 – “Hay You”
Climb up and over the bales of hay. Then again. And again. Until there’s no more hay in front of you.

Challenge #5 – “See-Saw”
Run up the see saw, then down the other side. Yup, this sounds easy too.

Challenge #6 – “Water Fall”
There’s water, and you may fall.

Challenge #7 – “Keep Away”
The goal here is to keep away from the mud. If you can (hint: a rope swing may be involved).

Challenge #8 – “Tunnel Crawl”
I’d say this is pretty self-explanatory.

Challenge #9 – “King of the Mountain”
Claw your way up the tall hill, slay the dragon, then run back down.  Ok, so maybe we won’t be able to pull off the dragons.

Challenge #10 – “Monkey Bars”
How are your arms holding up? Hand-over-hand, get across the monkey bars. Did you fall off? Run back and try again.

Challenge #11 – “Smoke on the Water”
Run as fast as you can through the really cold water.

Challenge #12 – “Fire in the Sky”
Jump across the fire.

Run across the finish line and you’re done! Wow, you’re absolutely filthy.  Your mom is NOT going to be happy.

Optional Challenge #13 – “Remember When?”
If you’d like a chance to win a cool prize, try your hand at a mental challenge that will test your memory skills.

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