The Best Shooting Course

Shooters will be moving and shooting at various targets that are set up. Since they will be moving through the range with a loaded firearm… shooters must already posses the skill to SAFELY move with a loaded firearm, bring it on target, shoot it and reload while moving from cover to cover. The standard safety rules still apply in combat situations.

1-Always keep your Muzzle Pointed in a Safe direction.

2-Always keep your Finger OFF the Trigger until you are on target and ready to shoot.

3-Always assume all Firearms are Loaded and Chambered.

4-Always Know your Target and what is beyond it.


This is a new course that was dug out September 8, 2010. The course is 150 feet long but will eventually be over 600 feet with various forks. The course is barren of any foliage because it was just dug. Eventually it will grow tall grasses that will hide the targets and represent a realistic forest combat situation. For now you can prepare yourself for dessert like conditions in dry weather and a mud-swamp after a good rain. There are a lot a rocks to negotiate as you move through the course. Many people will find this course somewhat of an obstacle course as they move through it. If you get to the range and do no like the condition of the Zombie Course… do not despair, there is a 50 foot pistol range and a 300 foot rifle range on the property where you can do regular target practice.

More info at Gun Range NC

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