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Welcome to Backpack UK where you can find good quality affordable rucksacks. We are part of Eastman Army Camp and have launched this new website to provide better visibility of the backpacks on offer. We stock casual, army, tactical and travel backpacks to fit any occasion. We strive to leave our customers extremely satisfied with our backpacks and offer a “no fault no quibble” policy, which means if you are not satisfied with our products and return them in their original condition you will get a full refund. We deliver to almost everywhere in the UK and we can deliver to Europe and US, please see our shipping rates for more information.


Backpacks are used by people everyday; they are needed by students who fill them with heavy books, travelers to protect their carried belongings, and normal individuals in carrying their daily necessary items. There are many types of backpacks, and individuals should choose the type that most suits their needs. A Canvas backpack is a backpack that is made of hard material, and it is relatively cheap. They are considered one of the most versatile bags, and they come in different types and colors to fit various uses.

There are 6 types of Canvas backpacks, these are; Canvas Rucksack, which holds large amount of items and suits individuals who are involved in adventures. Second, Drawstring backpack, which is smaller in size and lighter in weight, it can be used for bustling people. Third, Waxed Canvas backpack, which is made of a softer material (covered from the outside with wax). Fourth, Canvas Computer backpack, it is specially designed to hold and protect laptops while being on the road. Fifth, Leather and Canvas fabrics backpack, which is made of leather and canvas materials, the leather makes it more stylish, but still weaker than a 100% canvas backpack. Sixth, Hemp backpack, it is made out of natural raw materials, and mostly used by eco-friendly people.

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