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Vinyl wrapping or vehicle wrapping is a process of transforming or enhancing the colour and overall look of your vehicle by applying large sheets of vinyl film on each individual panel of your car or van. The sheets of vinyl film are applied with extreme precision and skill by our highly trained staff here at Car Wrapping so that your car has an extremely high quality finish.

The film of vinyl takes the shape of each individual panel that it is applied to and our professional installers ensure there are no creases or bubbles in the vinyl wrap that has been applied. When the wrapping has been completed the finish of your car should look like paintwork and you won’t notice it is there.


Can the Vinyl wrap be removed?

Here at Car Wrapping we use the highest quality vinyl wrap so the removal process is fairly easy however sometimes lesser quality vinyl wraps can be more difficult to remove. All that is needed is a heat source, it would be preferable to use a heat gun a little experience and a lot of patience.

Commercial vehicle wrapping.

Using vinyl wrapping for vehicle advertising and promoting is part of the fastest growing sectors of the UK advertising industry. Using vinyl wrap offers the most visual and cost effective medium through which to promote your corporate and brand awareness.

Vehicle personalisation.

Although the personalisation of cars is not a new thing vehicle wrapping can provide you with an opportunity to totally transform the appearance of your car but without the cost and permanency of a re-spray. Giving your car individuality by visiting us at Car Wrapping not only makes your vehicle stand out from the crowd but also protects the bodywork from stone chips and minor scratches at the same time.

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