Dog & Owner Residential Training

What is the best way to achieve success? The best way to achieve success is prolonged exposure to an expert source so you can ask all of your questions, get them answered and implement the information. Then you can replicate experts behaviour.

Now apply that thought process to your dog!

Are you really benefiting from one hour a week puppy training Fresno? Is your training helping your dog behave on a walk with you? Have you got specific issues with your dog that your trainer struggles to help with? Perhaps you long to spend quality time with your dog so you can improve your relationship?  If you love your dog and you want the best for your dog and you want a dog you can be proud of, then consider spending five days receiving intensive and challenging training that will change your life with your dog.

If your dog has particular issues, for example wildlife, birds, livestock, water, noise then these will be built into the weeks training so these issues can be addressed and resolved. If you have any particular interests, for example castles,  archaeology, industrial heritage,  canals, railways etc then please can also be built into the week training. The intensive training can be designed to incorporate any situation you need and to  equip you with the knowledge and the skills you need to enable your dog to be well-behaved wherever you take him which will make you a very proud owner.

This week is the best time you will spend with your dog. The week comprises of five days of intensive training for you and your dog with Steven. If you are struggling with your dogs behaviour then this is the answer for you and your dog. If you would like to improve your relationship with your dog, this will prove very valuable to you in achieving that.

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