How Microwave Oven Capacitors Work

A microwave oven high voltage capacitor works the same as every other capacitor. Meaning that it stores electrons for half of an electrical cycle and releases them back into the circuit on the other half of the cycle. Let me explain using an example.

Imagine that you had a roll of aluminum foil as wide as a plastic coffee container is tall. Pull about 3 feet of foil off that roll and lay it on a table. Now pull another sheet off, also 3 feet long and lay it next to the first one on the table. Take your trusty soldering iron and solder a 6 inch piece of insulated wire to the very top of both pieces of foil.


Now we have two pieces of aluminum foil as wide as a coffee can is tall with a small section of wire soldered to the very top of the foil.

The next thing we’re going to need is a roll of paper as wide as our coffee container is tall. That’s because we are going to pull off a 3 foot section of paper and place it on top of the first section of aluminum foil. Next we will take the other section of foil and place it on top of the paper. So now we have a sandwich of aluminum foil with wires sticking out of the top, and a piece of paper in the middle.

Next we roll the foil and the paper into a log. So now we have a roll consisting of two pieces of aluminum foil with a piece of paper in between with two wire sticking out the top. The paper will insulate the two pieces of aluminum foil from coming in contact with each other. Now let’s grab our imaginary plastic coffee can and stuff our log of foil and paper inside. If we solder a couple of spade terminals to the other ends of the wires attached to the foil and push them through the lid of the coffee can, we now have a capacitor. So if we put our extremely large imaginary capacitor in the high voltage circuit of a microwave oven, the foil would act as a momentary storage device for electrons in that circuit doubling the available power 60 times per second.

Even though the capacitor is in series with the circuit there is no electrical connection between the two pieces of foil. Some microwave oven capacitors use a bleed resistor to neutralize a capacitor when the circuit is not in use. This resistor is electrically irrelevant when the capacitor circuit is active. By the way never assume a resistor has neutralized a capacitor when it is not active in the circuit because you could be in for the shock of your life.

Photo of a Capacitor analyzer used to check a microwave oven capacitor
With the microwave oven unplugged, always use a screwdriver, snap ring pliers or long nose pliers to short a capacitor from one side to the other before touching the terminals.

The only way to really test a microwave oven capacitor is the same way you would test any other capacitor. In the old days when we used analog multimeters we could watch for a deflection of the meter when it was set to ohms. Today however we use electronic capacitor analyzers with a digital display. This very inexpensive tool is essential if you service microwave ovens. Capacitor analyzers have a digital display with wires that have alligator clips on them. Once you discharge a capacitor and remove it from the circuit, connect the alligator clips on the capacitor terminals and push the button. The capacitor analyzer will tell you if the capacitor is defective. In fact most of them will tell you the actual microfarad reading of the capacitor. If you see a microfarad reading in the display that matches your capacitor rating, it is good.

The bottom line is this, microwave oven capacitors can hold a powerful charge that can light you up. Always unplug the microwave oven and discharge a capacitor before touching the terminals.


Look for charlotte heating and air companies

When it comes time to choose charlotte heating and air companies, a mortgage holder will need to pick the best. Here are a few hints for settling on a decent decision.

A legitimate HVAC contractor will be useful for keeping up or expanding the estimation of one’s home, keeping the temperature cool amid summer months yet warm in the winter and verifying that a shopper’s service charges remain low. HVAC represents heating ventilation and air conditioning. Keeping solace levels in the home high and service charges in the letter box low can be achieved with a skillful heating ventilation and air conditioning contractor. Here are a few things to consider when making a determination:

– Word of mouth referrals: The most ideal approach to get substantial suggestions about a company or contractor is with informal referrals. In case you’re in the market for another warmer or AC unit, ask your companions, relatives, neighbors and collaborators who they’ve utilized with great outcomes. An extravagant promotion on the web or in the telephone directory does not compare to quality work. While the huge promoters might be skilled stars, you’ll need some actual referrals out of loved ones’ mouths.


– Business notoriety: How long has this company or individual been in the matter of establishment of HVAC systems? You’ll need a strong and canny person who is notable and regarded in your locale. An unreliable association who is only tossing flyers attached to a stone into your garage so as to publicize their services may not be the solution to your necessities. Check with the Better Business Bureau to verify that forthcoming stars are substantial and authorized contractors and companies.

– Hours of activity: Do their long periods of activity jive with your requirements for service? Do you need to pay additional for a considerable length of time or hold up quite a while before they can turn out to give service? These are everything to mull over while choosing a company that will work for you.

– Professionalism and kindness: Do they answer their phone and service calls with an expert demeanor and regard for their clients? Irascible, careless dispositions and appearance are warnings for disgraceful workmanship.

– Estimates recorded as a hard copy: Do they offer all appraisals for their services recorded as a hard copy? Keep in mind that all statements for costs must be recorded as a hard copy so as to be regarded a legitimate contractual understanding.

Lightweight Corldess Phone Systems

Phone Systems That Are Cordless For Your Business

This lightweight cellphone is definitely a text-heavy mobile phone for the mass market. Full QWERTY keypads have invariably been a trait which has been restricted to smartphones mostly for business given that the full QWERTY keyboard is ideal for long email and text messaging work. In spite of this, LG has arrived with a handset that offers you the messaging ease of a QWERTY keyboard but targeted more at the throng market customer. Now how does a volume market mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard fare in our phone systems test?

Mobile Phone Or VoIP

First of all, the build superiority of the K360 is exceptionally reliable. For a throng market handset, LG has been able to make the KS360 as sturdy as what you would assume from larger market mobile handsets. The slider feature does not in anyway appear to be delicate while I was using it and it did not even feel like I was using it and it also did not even feel as if I was holding a model cellular phone. As unyielding as it is, the KS360 is extremely light for a mobile handset in its mobile phone class, coming in at 108 grams which I assume is caused by the lack of premier options you will usually expect from business mobile phones.

The mobile handset also includes a rather large 2.4 inches and also a 256K color screen which is perfect for media viewing especially online video. Having said that, as such you do not get the normal twelve-key keypad because the front of the handset is used up by the display screen, two softkeys, navigation keys, call keys, the cancel key and another key to raise up the digital keypad.

Now you may very well be itching to know how to call out since there is no twelve-key keypad on the mobile phone itself. To be truthful, phone dialing with the QWERTY keyboard can be quite ridiculous but you should not be anxious too much on that since there is still a 12-key keypad on the handset, albeit a digital one.

Image result for phone systems

What Systems Does Our Company Need?

Just like I said earlier, there is an input to bring up the ultra cool digital keypad on the handset and from that point, you may dial out pretty conveniently while not having to turn to the QWERTY keypad. The greatest thing about this is that LG has made it so that you enjoy every key which is pressed via resistive vibrations. I found that there were practically zero errors in my dialing as LG did not make the finger-touch function too sensitive.

The interesting thing is, however, the keypad is touch-based, dialing is the only function which applies the touching role of the mobile handset. Whenever you bring up the menu, you could not really select the applications or options by touching them and had to depend on the navigation buttons as a substitute.

One definite element which really interests me was that the KS360 offers you email functionalities, as well. Usually, a mobile handset with this price tag will lack email functionalities but not this phone, as the KS360 is made with a full QWERTY keyboard the addition of emailing functions should be expected.

You can easily set up your own email accounts including Gmail though you will need the natty specifics of your electronic mail webservers and such. I was unhappy while using the standard WAP 2.0 browser on the phone though. Since online connectivity is limited to EDGE and GPRS, LG could have at the very least given us an even better-enhanced web browser.

The KS360 handset comes with a two megapixel digital camera that is fixed focus. Images taken with the camera on the handset were amazingly detailing in good lighting conditions. In fact, better than what I thought the end result would be. Media playing on the handset was also pretty first-class as well together with music and video being played with quality sound and display quality. It was a shame that a 3.5mm audio jack was not combined with the mobile handset as it would have made the media playing options of the mobile phone more enviable.

Even so, since it is Bluetooth A2DP, you can make use of stereo headphones. Also even though you could increase the capacity upwards to four gigabytes via microSD, I also felt that the insufficient 15 mb of memory space on the mobile phone was quite penny-pinching on LGs part. However, this is a small little exasperation I was happy to let go.

To conclude, I need to state that I was authentically taken aback with the KS360. Lg has managed to created a mass market phone that can be described as just perfect for the messaging market that I have discovered in Asia part of the world is fairly big. Starting at such a low price, the mobile phone is essentially affordable almost by everyone and the small niggles out of the way, I’m confident the text fanatic users are going to take a shine to this brilliant phone.

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Good Roof repair charlotte

Offering services in roofing, siding, and gutters, Roof repair charlotte takes pride in providing the client with the highest quality products while still remaining cost efficient.

We understand that the quality of products used in making repairs to your home or during installation is as important as the quality of the contractor who performs the work. Some of the brands we rely on for roofing and siding repair and installation include the GAF Lifetime Roofing System, Tamko, Owens Corning, and CertainTeed.

Our materials are durable, trusted in the industry, and available in a wide array of designs, colors, and materials to meet homeowners’ needs. Shingles, siding, and gutters can all make an impact on your home’s unique beauty and curb appeal, in addition to keeping your home and family protected!


If our Professionally Trained Roofing Insurance Claim Adjusters/ Storm Damage Specialist determine that there is adequate damage to your Roofing System to justify turning an Insurance claim, we will help handle the whole process of getting your roof replaced and payed for by your insurance company.


By letting us get your wind damaged Roofing System replaced you are giving back to the community:
╬Hutto Texas Youth Sports Leagues
╬Non profit Hutto Community Organizations
╬Wounded Warrior
╬Saint Jude Children’s Hospital

The Renegade Playground Challenge

The Renegade Playground Challenge is a 5k run that takes place at and is actually fun, and involves things like mud holes, water, trails, walls to climb, beer, and live music. Click to read


Did I mention mud?

Click on the map to get a more detailed view of the course.

What’s a playground without fun stuff to climb? Don’t let that kid with the big mouth taunt you into submission.  Push him in the mud and run – you can do it!

Challenge #1 – “The Sandbox”
Leave your plastic shovels at home. Your goal is to simply run through the sandbox (hint: we’ve added some water).

Challenge #2 – “Big Wheels”
If you’ve seen “Private Benjamin” or pretty much any crappy military movie, then you know the drill. Run through the tire course. Try not to trip.

Challenge #3 – “Spider Man”
Climb up and over the cargo net wall. Yup, it sounds easy.  Wearing a Spiderman costume has been proven to help with this one.

Challenge #4 – “Hay You”
Climb up and over the bales of hay. Then again. And again. Until there’s no more hay in front of you.

Challenge #5 – “See-Saw”
Run up the see saw, then down the other side. Yup, this sounds easy too.

Challenge #6 – “Water Fall”
There’s water, and you may fall.

Challenge #7 – “Keep Away”
The goal here is to keep away from the mud. If you can (hint: a rope swing may be involved).

Challenge #8 – “Tunnel Crawl”
I’d say this is pretty self-explanatory.

Challenge #9 – “King of the Mountain”
Claw your way up the tall hill, slay the dragon, then run back down.  Ok, so maybe we won’t be able to pull off the dragons.

Challenge #10 – “Monkey Bars”
How are your arms holding up? Hand-over-hand, get across the monkey bars. Did you fall off? Run back and try again.

Challenge #11 – “Smoke on the Water”
Run as fast as you can through the really cold water.

Challenge #12 – “Fire in the Sky”
Jump across the fire.

Run across the finish line and you’re done! Wow, you’re absolutely filthy.  Your mom is NOT going to be happy.

Optional Challenge #13 – “Remember When?”
If you’d like a chance to win a cool prize, try your hand at a mental challenge that will test your memory skills.