Aces of the Luftwaffe – Android Game

At first sight, Aces of the luftwaffe game brings me back some fancy memories about arcade shooting gaming on the 80’s and 90’s. Good ol’ shoot ’em up, Galaga style. In Arcade, shooting terms, the Aces of the Luftwaffe game certainly delivers. Adrenaline may freely flow through your system… if you like this particular gaming niche.



Aces of the Luftwaffe will make you fly your plane day and night, through water, land, enemy posts, enemy lines, etc. while firing and bombing everything into bits. As the niche demands, Nearing the end of each gameplay level you will confront an epic battle against the biggest possible enemy planes and flying fortresses. You know it is coming, you know all hell will break loose, and you will need all your sweat and fast pacing firing to deliver (and endure) a gross barrage of firepower.

The guys behind the Aces of the Luftwaffe

The company behind the Aces of the Luftwaffe game is called HandyGames and is located in Giebelstadt, Germany. They already claim to have churned out more than 150 games, focusing on IOS, Android and even Windows Phones. They’ve been “at it” for some years now and it shows off. Their 55 employees take care of gaming details.

Surely enough, the Aces of the Luftwaffe game sounds simple in conception, but then again an enormity of gamers, particularly on mobile devices, are actually embracing the raw thrill of adrenaline, with fast paced gaming, while “keeping it simple”.

The story behind  Aces of the Luftwaffe

There is no convoluted  story, behind  Aces of the Luftwaffe game other than the known concepts that the name itself suggests, where you fly all over Europe while the air war is in full swing mode. You will face into oblivion wave after wave of enemy war machinery.
Resource: 2GameAndroid Website

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